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Men's custom hair unit pricing

Get amazing custom hair options at Erskine Reeves. The men’s custom hair units are customized for each individual and depending on the style, the unit can last 3 weeks to 4 months! The custom hair piece starts at $300 and up, depending on the style. All maintenance for the unit is an additional cost plus the regular price haircut $50.00 and up.

See below for pricing details:



Lining Repair: Come with complete hair cut.

Price: $125.00

Life Expectancy: 2 weeks (minimum)



Low Natural  Unit: Come with  complete hair cut.

Price:$300.00 and up

Life Expectancy: 3-5 weeks



Low Wavy Unit: Come with  complete hair cut.

Price: $350.00 and up

Life Expectancy: 4-6 weeks



Original Med-High Unit: Comes  with complete hair cut

Price: $350.00 and up

Life Expectancy:4-8 weeks



Low-High Lace based Reusable Unit:  Comes with complete hair cut

Price: $600 and up

Life Expectancy: 3-6 months





How to schedule my custom unit hair appointment

If you are interested in the custom hair units and would like a consultation, please send an email to including the following information:


•  Your contact information: Phone number and email

desired style

•  Images of you: top of the head, the sides and back

if the head.

•  If you have a time frame or a special event that you need

the install completed by


If consultation appointments are tight, video / Skype consultations are available. Your first consultation is free.


Phone:   312-358-2635


We give FREE consultations for our services.

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